Google Sheets Part 2

Length: 3 hours, Price: $95

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This class is a continuation of our Google Sheets Part 1 class and dives deeper into the essential features and best practices of Google Sheets including navigation, formulas, data, charts, tables, formatting, saving and sharing.

Navigation – provides an overview of navigation and demonstrates how to create and save each type of sheet and file.  This section shows how to use keyboard shortcuts, command icons and convert to and from other spreadsheets including Excel, Excel 365, Numbers, and Open Office Spreadsheets.  A demonstration of the importance of using the correct terms is provided.

Automated Tools – demonstrates all forms of data entry and how to use the autofill handle, the format cells feature, the find/replace commands, data validation and printing.

Formulas – includes both standard formulas and functions, and provides hands on practice with both.  Also covers count & sum, averaging, the use of references, financial functions, statistical functions, and common formula errors to avoid.

Data – provides the basics of data management including sort, filter, conditional formatting, charts, standard tables and the pivot tables wizard.

Saving & Sharing – demonstrates the best practices of sharing and collaboration, which are two of the strongest features of Google Sheets and often the reason users choose it over other spreadsheet programs.

Question & Answer – this is a live seminar that can accommodate your questions.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion.

All sessions of this class are currently virtual.  Participation is easy.  All you need is an internet connection; we will do the rest.

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