Do you have to pay to apply for a grant?

No.  Do not apply for any supposed grant offer that requires you to pay to apply.  Legitimate grants require no application fee.

What exactly is “Grant Writing”?

The term “Grant Writing” refers to the process of finding and applying for a grant.  Applying for a grant typically involves writing a grant proposal – hence “Grant Writing” is shorthand for finding a potential grant and writing a proposal in order to apply for that grant.

How do you apply for a grant?

Applying for a grant consists of two essential steps: researching available grants to find the ones that you – or your organization – are eligible for and then filling out the grant application, which normally involves writing a grant proposal.

What is a grant proposal?

A grant proposal is the written part of a grant application.  It usually consists of a cover sheet, an abstract, the body of the proposal, a budget, a timeline and documentation.

What are the different types of grants?

In a general sense, there are only two types of grants – government and private.  In the United States, government grants are offered at the federal, state and local levels.  Private grants are offered by various foundations and non-profits.  The two most common types of private funders are company foundations, such as the Walmart Foundation or the Prudential Foundation, and family foundations, such as the Walton Family Foundation or the Ford Family Foundation.

How do you qualify for grants?

Grants are available for individuals, companies and nonprofits.  More than half of all grants are intended for nonprofit organizations that have been set up under Section 501(c) of the tax code.  Eligibility varies with each available grant.  Each grant application will list the eligibility requirements for that grant.