Grant Proposal Writing Class

Length: 3 hours, Price: $95

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This class serves as Part II of our general Grant Writing Class. We highly recommend taking the general Grant Writing Class before taking this class.  The general Grant Writing Class emphasizes the need to properly research appropriate grant opportunities; this class emphasizes the process of writing a grant proposal and submitting an application.

1. Review of Grant Research
This section provides a review of the grant research process covered in our general Grant Writing Class including the major resources necessary to find both government and private grant opportunities. The eligibility requirements for each grant type are emphasized.

2. Project Evaluation and Writing Exercise
This section consists of an evaluation exercise designed to identify any issues that can effect your non-profit’s eligibility and success in applying for grant funding.

3. Preliminary Steps
Grant applicants are often required to complete certain preliminary steps before applying for a grant.  This section examines the most typical preliminary steps including query letters, the ‘LOI’, preliminary proposals and qualifying questionnaires.

4. Grant Proposal Writing Process
Applying for a grant is often called “grant writing” because grant applications generally require the writing of a grant proposal.  This section details the different parts of a typical grant application and the best practices in writing each section of a grant proposal including the cover page, abstract, body of the proposal, timeline, budget, and appendices.

5. Grant Management & Follow-up Steps
This section covers two items: what to do if your grant application is successful and what to do if your grant application is unsuccessful.  If awarded a grant, you may be required to meet certain reporting requirements – procedures that grant recipients must follow to ensure that the grant money is used correctly.  If you are not awarded a grant, there are certain follow-up steps that can help make your next try more successful.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion.  Course materials include a list of all the major grant databases, a preparation checklist, a glossary of terms, and samples of applications, proposals, query letters, timelines and budgets.

All sessions of this class are currently virtual.  Participation is easy.  All you need is a phone and an internet connection; we will do the rest.

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