Fundraising Classes

Length: 90 minutes, Price: $55

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This class provides a comprehensive overview of the most effective fundraising tools, programs, and strategies for nonprofit organizations and individuals.  The content consists of three parts:

1. Traditional Fundraising Methods
2. Online Fundraising
3. Grant Funding


1. Traditional Fundraising Methods
Tried and true traditional fundraising methods are still very effective.  These methods include fundraising letters, branded merchandise, fundraising events, business partnerships and corporate sponsorships.

Fundraising Letters can be used to solicit both monetary and in-kind donations. They typically take the form of email, using e-blast platforms such as Constant Contact and MailChimp, and ‘Snail’ Mail, using the USPS Every Door Delivery Service.  Sample fundraising letters are included in class materials.

Fundraising Events can be on any scale from small to large, ranging from breakfast fundraisers, golf outings and fundraising dinners, to galas, conferences and seminars. Sample event invitations and links to the major event planning and marketing sites are included.

2. Online Fundraising
Online fundraising takes many forms.  It can include taking advantage of corporate social responsibility programs, such as Google’s AdGrants and TechSoup, use of social media campaigns though Facebook, Bing and GoodSearch, or setting up a donation page on your website. Text-to-Donate tools and Crowdfunding sites are also important.

Samples of social media campaigns and donation pages are included along with links to corporate nonprofit programs, crowdfunding sites and text-to-donate tools.

3. Grant Funding
Grants are funds given by a government department, corporation, or foundation to a nonprofit organization, educational institution, business or an individual. In order to receive a grant, a written grant proposal or an application is required.

The major sources of grant funding – both government and private – are covered with links to all of the major databases to enable you to find and apply for grant funding.


Participants will receive a certificate of completion.  Course materials include samples of fundraising letters, event invitations, social media campaigns and sponsorship letters, as well as donation page text, a list of the major grant databases and links to online resources.

All sessions of this class are currently virtual.  Participation is easy.  All you need is a phone and an internet connection; we will do the rest.  We have morning, afternoon and evening classes available. Please see the drop down menu in the section below to find available classes.


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