Excel LookUp Functions: V-LookUP, H-LookUP, X-LookUP, and Beyond

Length: 2 hours, Price: $75

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This class provides a comprehensive overview of the major LookUp functions, including V-Lookup, H-Lookup and X-Lookup, as well as matching, sorting and index functions.

This course is perfect for those of all comfort levels. No previous experience is assumed or required, but we do recommend considering our comprehensive Excel Training Class before registering for this class.  Open to All.


This section compares the three major Lookup functions in Excel: V-LOOKUP, H-LOOKUP and the newest function X-LOOKUP which by and large combines the functionality of VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP.  How to use and when to use each of the three LookUp functions is examined.

  • V-LOOKUP: creating, utlizing, troubleshooting
  • H-LOOKUP: creating utlizing, troubleshooting
  • Using V-LOOKUP and H-LOOKUP in combination
  • X-LOOKUP: when to use, creating, utlizing, troublshooting

This section examines the functionality of MATCH, which is used to locate data, INDEX, which is used to retrieve data, and the new XMATCH, which expands the capabilities of each.

  • MATCH: when to use, locating data
  • INDEX: when to use, retrieving data
  • Using MATCH and INDEX in combination
  • XMATCH: functionality, when to use, locating and retrieving data

Section Three – Additional Lookup Functions
An examination of the best practices for filtering, sorting and data matching in general is covered as are the individual functions of SORT and SORTBY.


Question & Answer – this is a live seminar that can accommodate your questions.

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